Country Coordinators


Abraham K.

Abraham is California-born but Utah-raised in a small family with Korean Heritage. He loves rock climbing and generally anything outdoors. He finds that nature has a therapeutic value and can really calm the mind and heart. The reason why he's with HELP International is because of people. Abe believes that being able to give back and make someone's life just a little bit better is the reason why we are here. He graduated from BYU in December of 2015 in Public Health. He was a volunteer on our Winter Fiji team, and is excited to be going to Nepal this winter!

Tabitha T.

Tabitha is a graduate of the International Affairs program at East Tennessee State University. Since her graduation in 2015, she has been leading volunteer trips around the globe with the World Race. During her time at home you can usually find her in a coffee shop. And depending on the day, she might be making your coffee, or just sitting in the cafe painting. Her life goals include: writing a book, being best friends with Tom Hiddleston, delivering a speech to the UN General Assembly, and hiking Machu Picchu.

Rachel D.

Rachel graduated from BYU with a degree in Education and is currently working on her Graduate degree at the University of Utah for a masters in Social Work and an emphasis in Global Social Work. She has traveled all over the world participating in humanitarian work (most recently to Tanzania, Africa) and is excited to make Nepal the 14th country she has lived in! She is passionate about social justice but also loves the great outdoors and finds it therapeutic. (One of the hazards of growing up in Portland!) Rachel enjoys rock climbing, camping, hiking, baking and trying anything new! Her goals in life are: visit every continent, climb a mountain (Mt. Everest, anyone?), learn the cello, give a TED Talk and hold a baby panda. She can't wait to meet the volunteers and experience the mystical country of Nepal together!


Katelyn R.

Katelyn Ray, also known as K-Ray, graduated from BYU in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Social Work. She is a two-time HELP alumni working in Uganda and Nepal as a volunteer. Recently she worked in Serres, Greece at a refugee camp organizing a warehouse, teaching English, dance, and piano lessons and advocating for the camp residents. One of her greatest passions is to fight for those who are victims of sexual assault and violence as well as fighting for the rights of refugees. During her spare time she can be found going to the movies, cuddling babies, surfing the California waves, jamming with friends and traveling.

Natalie P.

Natalie jumped in to help with the refugee crisis in 2015 when she became an intern with the International Rescue Committee in Seattle. After getting involved with the resettlement and youth education programs in the Seattle area, she volunteered with HELP International's summer Greece program. She is excited to return and to continue to fight for and support refugees! Natalie is from Washington state and studied Public Health. 

Yasmine S.

Yasmine recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She also studied Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures with a focus in the Middle East. She is passionate about serving others in many aspects. Yasmine has been on service trips to Jinotega, Nicaragua and Accra, Ghana, both working with Global Youth Empowerment. She was a site leader on a trip to the Dominican Republic where she worked with community partners on educational projects. Yasmine enjoys embarking on new adventures and meeting new people. She loves a good cup of coffee, smiling, traveling, and the company of her family and friends! 


Brooke H.

Brooke was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah and is now a senior studying Public Health at BYU. She has spent two summers doing Public Health research in Malawi and is very excited to be a country coordinator for Fiji! Brooke loves hiking, scuba diving, and International Development.

Stephen H.

Stephen Kent Hunsaker Jr. is originally from Virginia, currently from Mendon, Utah. He is interested in art, opera, scuba diving, and travel. He has worked in Malawi for two summers doing research on education. He is a Political Science major with minors in International Development and Studio Art at Brigham Young University.


Jeffrey W.

Jeff Watts is so excited to be a part of Help International this summer as a Country Coordinator! Jeff heard of Thailand for the first time as he was chosen to work there as a volunteer for the LDS church in 2012 for two years. There he grew to love the Thai people, their wonderful culture, and the excellent food! He returned to Thailand for an internship with the Thai government in 2015, during this time he was able to work closely with Thai natives and increase his understanding of their cultures, customs, and language. These interactions further gave him a desire to return and serve them even more. He is thrilled to be able to go back a third time to help communities in the northern region. Jeff is a recent graduate from Brigham Young University in Idaho. He received his degrees in Political Science and Asian Languages. In his leisure time he likes hiking, cooking, reading, learning languages, and traveling. He can't wait to meet and show the volunteers the beautiful people and culture of Thailand.