Suzanne W.
Executive Director

Suzanne has a background in event planning, marketing, domestic violence, and international social causes. She holds a degree in Social-Cultural Anthropology with minors in Political Science and African Studies. Prior to her time with HELP, Suzanne worked for Especially for Youth overseeing programs in Utah and California and for Brigham Young University planning study abroad programs for students. A native from Montana, Suzanne is also fluent in Russian. 

Janna M.
Office Manager

Janna graduated from BYU-Provo with a BA in Public Health. Her previous experience includes travel to South Africa, Mexico, and Kenya where she was involved in setting up health clinics, laying concrete floors in people’s homes, and distributing toys and clothes to children in need. Janna completed her global health internship in Thailand with HELP International. Most recently Janna has been a country coordinator for Help International in Fiji and India. 


Russell D.
PR Intern

Russell is a pre-med senior at Brigham Young University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Public Health and international development. Russell is a two-time country coordinator alumnus and has designed and monitored HELP international's projects related to water pipelines, health outreaches, water harvesters, dengue prevention, anti-drug awareness programs, and infrastructure support. Russell is fluent in Thai and is passionate about the critical role health plays in sustainable poverty relief efforts. 

Kirsten M.
Volunteer Coordinator

Kirsten received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Brigham Young University – Idaho. During her undergraduate studies she spent several months in Paraguay with an indigenous tribe planning and implementing global health programs. Following her graduation in 2015, she volunteered as a member of HELP International’s Nepal Crisis Team. She is passionate about social issues and currently volunteers as a refugee youth mentor.

Adam H.
IT Manager

Adam is Provo's favorite boy. He is an expert on all things computer and technology and is pursuing a degree from Brigham Young University in Information Systems. Adam performed as BYU's Vocal Point beatboxer for several years taking him on tours throughout the United States and South East Asia, stealing the hearts of many a young lady along the way. Adam is a happily married man and spends his free time ignoring his executive director's requests for his bio to put on our website. 

David E.

Has been working with HELP since 2007 helping with multiple revisions of He continues to make every effort to make it easy for you to get information and become an international volunteer.